1. Definition of terms

Consumer: Consumer is every person who outside his business or outside the independent exercise of their profession enters into a contract with a contractor or otherwise acts.

Entrepreneur: The entrepreneur is every person who enters into a contract related to its own business, manufacturing or similar activities (filling register numbers), or if a separate exercise of their profession, or a person acting for or on behalf of the entrepreneur.

These terms and conditions applicable to all purchase contracts between seller and buyer.

2. Ordering and shipping: Each product is given a brief description of goods, its dimension and illustration. The time needed to process the order placed through the store is a maximum of 24 hours. If ordering for delivery, time for order processing begins immediately. Placing orders on weekdays until 11:00, when the goods are in stock will be delivered by courier on the second day. When actually taking delivery of goods will not be charged. When selecting a payment by bank transfer goods sent after confirmation of paymentWhen ordering in abroad contact us in advance for pricing the shipping.
Warning - when ordering goods that is marked as model number or product name is like
LP156WH2 , part number, such as goods where the manufacturer and model of LCD, 15.6 LG LP156WH2 (TL) (E1), if this model is not in stock you will be sent to a compatible model, due to the large number of orders may not be noticed with this fact before sending goods.

3. Changing the display: Not AVALIBLE anymore.

3. Warranty: For each new product purchased from us, provided the warranty period of 24 months if it is a used product purchased from us, the warranty period of 6 months. The warranty does not cover damage from improper mechanical assembly and subsequent mechanical damage!

Guarantee label (sticker Warrants) on each display is glued warranty sticker with a serial number, peel off stickers or breach of customer loses a guarantee of repayment, claim, withdrawal from the contract, or for any defects in the display, without exception.

Returns: Goods you within 14 working days from receipt to return in the intact condition and in original, undamaged packaging. Send it back together with a letter (about returning the goods) by registered mail with "Fragile" at our facility address Bořanovická 1779/14, Prague 8, 182 00 You can choose other goods, or you will be the amount for the goods including postage sent back. To return goods is crucial to our address delivered by the 8th working day, otherwise it will not be accepted by returning the goods.
Important notice: sending shipments across Europe up to 3 days. In exceptional cases it may happen that we can not deliver goods on time. In this case you will be alerted to possible delays. If you have any problems with either ordering, payment for goods or delay in shipment, please contact us by phone to 722 435 934
How to cancel an order? You can cancel an order by phone or e-mail, within 24 hours and only if the consignment has been dispatched.
What if you do not store-bought goods? If you are not 100% sure that the goods you know, write in the order (or before ordering!) What do you still want to know about the product. We will not later than 24 hours to answer your questions. You can also contact us via Live Chat where we will answer your questions in real time.
Privacy: If the buyer is a natural person entered in the register the following information: name, complete mailing address, email address, telephone number. This information is necessary to identify the potential buyer and communication. If the buyer is a legal person entered in the registration the following additional information: company name, registration number, VAT number. These data allow to make the necessary accounting transactions, prepare tax documents normally required by both parties, or to identify the buyer made payment by bank transfer. The seller protects the buyer's private data from misuse. The information collected to improve its services and does not allow third parties without the consent of the buyer. By submitting your information the buyer agrees to the collection and use of information about themselves and their purchases according to the above rules.
Other provisions: Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the rights and obligations between the seller and the buyer in addition to those terms and conditions terms and conditions governing the seller, which are available on his website and the procedure for claims of defective goods (claims) Seller Complaints Procedure , which is also available on its website. The buyer declares that before filling orders read these terms and conditions, terms and conditions the seller and the seller claims regulations and that such agreement.
Claim: When receiving goods, the Buyer shall always check the packaging and check the packaging is damaged goods. If the buyer finds a mechanical damage to the goods, the goods does not accept, but writes with the carrier of the damage protocol. Each package is insured to 50 000 CZK. The carrier delivers the goods back and informs the buyer is a dealer. If the buyer finds mechanical damage caused by transport to unpacking the goods, or on first use (within 2 days of service) Immediately notify vendors refer to this fact. Later complaints will not be mechanical damage caused by transport is recognized. If the buyer finds incompleteness supply replacement goods or any damage caused by transportation, which does not damage the outer package, complaint shall immediately but not later than two days after delivery, use e-mail to our address, by calling 00420 722 435 934, or directly on the premises at LCD Display shop, Boranovicka 1779/14, Prague 8, 182 00 Otherwise, the supply deemed complete and free of defects and claims of this title will not be accepted.

Prices for Display: We reserve the right to change prices due to the evolution of the koruna against the dollar or the euroThank you for your understanding.

Video tutorials that are found on our website are not recorded and therefore we are not responsible for the correctness of the instructions or for any damages to your spůsobenéor laptop display. Video tutorials are just for informational purpose only to show how the display is exchanged.