Privacy: If the purchaser is a natural person entered in the register the following information:name, complete mailing address, email address, telephone number. This information is necessary to identify the purchaser and any communication. If the buyer is a legal personentered in the register the following additional information: company name, registration number, VAT number. These data allow to make the necessary accounting transactions,prepare tax documents typically required by both parties, or to identify the buyer made ​​payment by bank transfer. The seller protects the buyer's private data from misuse. The information collected to improve its services and does not allow third parties without the consent of the buyer. Sending their data buyer agrees to the collection and use of information about themselves and their purchases according to the above rules.

GDPR: The data entered into the e-shop will only be used to process the order, that is, issue the invoice and enter the data for shipment. The stored data will be archived only for the end of the given period.